About Us

Beam IT Solutions PLC, is a state of the art IT company focusing and specializing on making system automations and intranet based and web technology solutions. The company specializes in cutting-edge web technology and internet business but above all, automating company activities and easing operations enabling company staff and management operate irrespective of location and be able to generate all sorts of reports. One of Beam IT Solutions PLC projects is E-Tender (www.ethiotender.com). The main aim of this project is to assist businesses, companies and organizations to post or get tender information online. For those who post tenders the project will help them facilitate a tendering process even as little as a day or two and give them best value and offers from a massive number of bidders. It will also help them minimize (eliminate) tender information processing costs.

Our company gives major focus to business companies who would like to use web technology for their day-to-day task management, allowing their clients access their services, online, businesses that use news updates, online booking, service/products or goods tracking, management-staff messaging (irrespective of location), and the like.

Other services of our company include web-based systems consultancy and development, website design and hosting, IT (hardware and software consultancy), software development, corporate designs, marketing solutions provision and many more.